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The last TV Show App you'll ever need

No Ads

No ads at all in web and app platform to give you the best watching experience.

HD/4K Support

Stream or Download episodes in HD and Ultra HD on your android device.

Discover Faster

With easy to navigate user interface, it is now much faster to discover new shows.

Watch on TV

Download and Install the app to your android TV and enjoy the shows in bigger screen.

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Why love this app?

Watch trailer, read storyline or start watching straight away

Designed by Professionals

Discover and access TV Shows like never before with our intuitive and easy to use interface.

Largest Catalog of Shows

4000+ Shows from Netflix, Prime, Hulu and more at one place. Try this All-In-One app for TV Shows now.

Add to Watch List

Add your favorite shows to watch list and navigate to them from homepage in single click.

Grouped by Genre

Explore best shows across different genre right from homepage, read summary and add it to your watching list.

Access instantly

Add Shows to your WatchList

Every show has a "Add to List" button which adds that TV Show to your watchlist. Your watchlist is always available from your homepage so that you could navigate to your favorite shows faster.

full width feature
full width feature
Download or Stream Online

Experience quality all the way upto 4k.

Now download or watch any show online in qualities ranging from 360p to 4k UHD in your mobile device.

Faster then ever

Get Instant Updates, Daily

New episodes are updated daily in the app, typically just a few hours after they are officialy aired on TV.

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App Screenshots

How it Looks

Here are some of the screenshots for the app. These screenshots are from version 1 of the app. Scroll horizontally through them to see more.


at No Extra Cost

We wanted to create the best in-app experience for users and that's why we decided to not include any free version of the app with ads. We already have the largest catalog of tv shows and we combined that with the industry-standard user interface to create the best experience for our PRO users.

If you are not a PRO user yet, give our PRO Membership a try and get the best watching experience at the lowest cost.

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App is available exclusively for PRO members.